Press Release


Notice for student involved in an sort of business in Bishkek


Document requried for Visa and admission proccess


Details of meeting held between Universities and police department of Kyrgyz Republic


On March 22, 2023, the
International Faculty of General Medicine, Altamimi Bachelor Clinical
University organized an event dedicated to the Nowruz Day and Pakistan
Resolution Day.

Clinical Practice of Altamimi Students

As Altamimi Medical University has Owned hospitals our students do practice side by study for better experience of medical study 

Conference About World Epilepsy

ON March 30,2023. International Medical University (IMU) Kyrgyzstan organized the conference on ” World Epilepsy Day (Purple day)”. Students from different universities (I.e. IMU, Avicenna International Medical University, Asian Medical Institute, Altamimi Bachelor Clinical University, and KRSU) came and presented theirs topic on Epilepsy