Student Life

What should you expect?

  • At Altamimi Medical University, you join a community of like minded people who collaborate both inside and outside the classroom. You will immerse yourself in residential life, share meals, gather for informal study sessions, and may even participate in occasional collegial high spirits.
  • Studying at Altamimi Medical University means that you are part of a diverse student body in Pakistan and Internationally. Both academically and personally, opportunities for growth are endless and student life at the University is vibrant and enjoyable.
  • Campus life activities are built around the concept of encouraging each community member to express his or her talents and to respect all members of our pluralistic community.

Nation Building

Altamimi Medical University’s vision emphasizes the nurturing and holistic development of the individual towards nation building. In line with this vision, it encourages the students to participate in extra-curricular activities with the objectives of:

  • Promoting awareness about and appreciation of a broad range of interests and activities
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Developing teamwork
  • Developing discipline and responsibility
  • Providing a platform for students with common interests to network and enhance their abilities and talents