Code of Conduct

All students are advised to read the rules carefully and abide by these rules as envisaged in the prospectus, university notification, and their modifications as and when issued. Violations of these rules are tantamount to breach of university discipline. The case will be investigated by senior members of the staff and will be forwarded to the university Disciplinary Committee for further investigation and its recommendations will be forwarded to the Rector for further necessary action.

General Rules:-

  • The students must display their White coats at all times while on the University premises and hospital.
  • All students must maintain the decorum of the University through decent and respectable behavior. Students are forbidden to sing, whistle, hoot, create noise, use abusive language, fight and indulge in any unseemly behavior or activity on the University premises at any time.
  • No student is allowed to loiter and move aimlessly in and around University premises or waste his/ her time in the University cafeteria extensively.
  • Students have to be present on time, at any specified activity of the college.
  • Student notices/messages will only be displayed on the notice board placed by the college authorities with the approval of the Deen.

Moral and Ethics:-

The students must essentially display the highest moral and ethical standards at the college, hospital and hostels with conduct par excellence.

University and Government Property:-

The care and safety of all the property used by students will be ensured by themselves by preventing any willful damage, loss or theft. All damages in any form caused by the students due to their negligence or deliberate act shall be repaired at the expense of the student/ students responsible for the negligence. Walls, fixtures, furniture, models, specimens, charts, skeletons bones, audiovisual teaching aids, notice boards etc. shall not be defaced, mutilated or damaged in any way or form.

Dress Code:-

The wearing of prescribed uniform has peculiar importance in medical profession and all students must take pride in their identity. Any student found improperly dressed will be marked absent for the whole day. A habitual defaulter in this regard will be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action.


The Attendance should be 100% in all lectures / practicals / clinical sessions.

As per requirements of  & Ministery Of Education Of Krygyz Republic,

A minimum attendance of 75% is MANDATORY “individually” in each subject

being taught in that year (in lectures / practicals / clinical sessions), in order to qualify for appearing in exam.

This will be strictly enforced:-

  • The margin of 25% of absence in lectures, practicals, tutorials, demonstrations and clinical wards is desired to cover absence only on account of sickness or any emergency if considered justifiable by the Principal.
  • Repeated absence from lectures, practicals, tutorials, demonstrations and hospital clinical wards, without any justified reasons, will make a student liable for punishment.
  • The students must periodically check their attendance record from concerned department.
  • For leave or absence, the students must apply in writing and get it countersigned by all HODs before submitting at the Principal office. The reasons for his/her request should be clearly mentioned. In all cases, leave taken will be at the students own risk as far as the percentage of the attendance is concerned; even the medical certificate will not condone for any deficiency in attendance

Academic Performance Assessment:-

Attaining of 50% marks individually in each subject in Class tests / Module test / Final term  is MANDATORY. A student can be dropped from appearing in University Exam by the Principal on account of poor academic performance.

Class / Ward Discipline:-

Teachers and students maintain a highly professional interaction in the academic sessions which is a very distinct feature of the college, and the same has to be continued at all times. Students must switch off their cell phones before they enter the lecture room, laboratory, library and wards. Punctuality regarding class/ ward timings and maintenance of proper discipline in the classrooms, practicals, demonstrations, tutorials and ward is mandatory.

Peaceful Environment:-

The maintenance of a safe and secure environment in the campus, hospital, and hostels has immense importance in a professional institute. The college accords the highest priority to this vital aspect.

Use of Unfair Means In College & University Examinations:-

Any student involved in using unfair means / impersonation will be liable for disciplinary action which may tantamount to expulsion / cessation of all academic activities as per rules of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) Rawalpindi / University of Health Sciences Lahore / PM & DC.

Politics and Religion:-

  • Political activities of all types are prohibited in the college and hostel premises. Involvement of the students in any sort of political, sectarian, ethnic and other such activities in campus, hospital and hostels is viewed with zero tolerance by the college administration. Undertaking to that effect will be obtained from the students and their parents.
  • No gathering and meeting of students will be allowed in the premises of college and hostels.
  • No student should address any conference including press conference, nor write to the press on a political or related subject or matter concerned directly with the administration of the college or any government or educational institution, university etc in Pakistan or abroad.
  • No religious ceremony likely to hurt the feelings of other students/ boarders shall be performed in the hostel.

Disciplinary Committee:-

The college Disciplinary Committee keeps effective watch over maintenance of discipline and enforces the code of conduct in routine daily matters. A team nominated by the Principal, will comprise the committee. In cases of any breach of discipline, the decision taken by the Principal will be final and can’t be challenged. The committee will meet on quarterly / required basis.

Composition of the committee will be as under: –


Chief Executive / Vice Rector


      Vice Rector Academics

Dean, IOD

  HoD of Academic Affairs

HoD Admissions

HoD Student Affairs


Notice shall be served to the accused, with evidence of breach of code of conduct when applicable.

The accused shall be provided an opportunity to respond in writing against the allegations with any evidence to support his / her claims.

The accused shall be provided with an opportunity of personal hearing by the committee.

The decision of the committee shall be communicated in writing.

There shall be an opportunity for appeal against decision to the Principal that can availed once.

Decision on appeal by the Principal shall be final.


Various punishments may be awarded by the committee according to the nature and degree of violation of rules by the students will be as under: –

Withdrawal from College rolls.

Debarment from all academic activities..

Cancellation of leave.

Cash fines.

Extra library sittings.

Formal warning with information to parents / guardian.

Disallowing to apply for university examination.

Other disciplinary action as deemed necessary.

The recommendation of committee will be put up to Principal / Chief Executive for final approval.

Grievance Policy/Appeals

The accused who has been awarded any penalty by the disciplinary committee may prefer and apply for appeal or review to the Principal /Chief Executive.

An appeal or review shall be made in the form of a petition and in writing.

The appeal shall be filed with the authority who passed the original orders.

The appeal / review petition shall be made within seven days from promulgation of punishment awarded.

The petition shall set forth concisely the ground of objection to the punishment awarded in a proper and template language (shall not contain dis-respectful or obscene language).

The accused at no stage of the proceeding shall be represented by an advocate / counsel.

The decision of the Authority shall be final and could not be challenged in any court of law.