Our Departments

It is with my utmost honor that I welcome you at Altamimi Medical University affiliated with Asymbekova Bishkek  on the behalf of our esteemed faculty, talented alumni and ambitious students. Whilst striving for intellectual growth, clinical skills, and instillation of empathy in our pupil, we have made our way to one of the top medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan  attracting the brightest minds from all over the SAARC region. we have been directing all our energies towards delivering standardized and quality education, and producing proficient healthcare professionals, independent thinkers and active global citizens.


The Department of Biochemistry is one of the three basic science departments at Altamimi Medical University. Since the application of biochemistry is so critical to human medication


The department of Anatomy is one of the basic departments of the medical profession. Anatomy is the “mother” of all medical sciences and a “Sine quanon” basic science, which is the foundation of medical knowledge


We have a patient centered approach and our motto is ‘WE CARE’. We prepare them for the life ahead and educate their families about the disease and long-term requirements. Our compassion and empathy are stoked by the fact that a vast majority of our patients are from the under privileged section of the society.


The department is divided into four main sections namely Histopathology, Haematology, Microbiology and Chemical Pathology. A well-established Molecular Biology section,


The Pediatric Department offers a great patient exposure, knowledge, excellent learning experience for under- & post-graduate students. There is round the clock residential cover of Senior Registrars in Pediatric Emergency to ensure quality patient care. On call consultants are available.


The Department of Pharmacology is the part of a distinguished faculty of Allama Iqbal Medical College. Pharmacology is a discipline of medical science …


The Cardiology Unit JHL is a state of the art department providing modern healthcare facilities.


Dermatology department is one of the largest and fully equipped dermatology units of Bishkek.


Our ENT department caters for the needs of a large number of patients suffering from Ear, Nose and Throat diseases utilizing latest knowledge and technology.

Microbiological Studies

Welcome to the department of Molecular Diagnostics Lab, an exciting and growing field where we diagnose liver diseases, ..