Medical Olympaid

ON May 16, 2023. Avicenna International Medical University Kyrgyzstan organized the Medical Olympaid (Physiology Olympiad). Students from different universities (I.e. IMU, Avicenna International Medical University, Asian Medical Institute, Altamimi Bachelor Clinical University, IHSM, IUK, and KSMA/KGMA) participated in this Olympaid Olympaid was sub-categorised into different rounds (i.e., group discussion round, rapid fire question/answer round, and Hand Raise round). From Altamimi Bachelor Clinical University, three students, Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman, Emaan Akmal, and Usama Javed, participated in this Olympaid and got distinction Position among all the participants of different universities.
Our Respected Teacher Dr. Hafiz M. ARSALAN (Assistant Professor/Head of Department) was also invited as a guest of honour/judge.

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